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Shower with EasyMixDot™: Get More Comfort & & Save Water, Energy, Time and Money


1. Low flow shower heads and restrictors save water and energy, but reduce your comfort in a shower

2. Aerators, air filled water drops, etc. create an illusion and provide you with a surrogate shower

3. Thermostats: more expensive, more delicate inside (e.g. more sensitive and can resonate making unwanted noises), require de-calcination and calibration more often

4. Navy style shower, shower timers, all use unrestricted flow, and are very efficient in saving energy and water, but provide you with less comfort in a shower. When you care less about comfort in a shower and just want to save, use a bucket with warm water to get clean (grandmother's approach)

5. Use Easymixdot: get more comfort in shower and save money, energy and water with a very small investment that returns back to you within a month or so.

Anyone who has ever washed hands or taken a shower knows the issue: read more >>

Anyone who has ever washed hands or taken a shower knows the issue: turn on the tap, fiddle with the handle until you’ve found the right temperature, and to do so wait for the water pressure to build up, wait for your boiler to spring to life, wait for the pipes to warm up...wait, wait, wait..., all this while wasting precious water, money and even more importantly, your precious time, day in, day out. This issue is even more pronounced when in order to save water you clock your shower, as this forces you to switch water on and off more often. Time that could be spent doing really useful things, like undressing, brushing your teeth or picking your nose. Well, finally the waiting is over! EasyMixDot™ products allow you to directly pre-set optimal parameters of the water outflow (both temperature and flow rate) without a need to wait for the transients and eliminating the fiddling. All this is done in a matter of seconds, instead of waiting for minutes!

Upgrade Your Mixer Taps with EasyMixDot™ and Save!

Save €600…2400/year, pay €10…25 once, including VAT.
Free instant shipping. Free savings calculator. Fits your tap. Works well alone and in combination with showerheads, restrictors, etc. Takes minutes to install.

EasyMixDot™ is, first and foremost, a clever new idea on how to use plumbing you already have. read more >>

EasyMixDot™ is, first and foremost, a clever new idea on how to use plumbing you already have. Like all things truly genius, it is very simple. So simple in fact, that once you know how it works, you’ll say "Why didn’t I think of that?" However, you didn’t, we did. Which is why we are charging a nominal fee to tell you and why we kindly ask you not to tell anyone. Because you already have all what is needed to start using EasyMixDot™ (except of the idea), our delivery is digital and it goes instantly, almost with a speed of light!

We promise that with EasyMixDot™ you’ll feel more comfort in handling water (thus more comfort in a shower), you will save about 20 tons annually of drinking water per person and on top of that you’ll see a tenfold (or more) return on your investment in EasyMixDot™ within the first two-three months of using it (exact gain depends on the size of your household, the prices of water and energy in your country and the price at which you will buy our product)

Note that in order to promote our products, this week we offer them at reduced price. Please, calculate your approximate savings here. Speaking in the financial terms, do you know a bank that will offer you an annual return of 4000% (yes, 40 times!) on your investment??

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Step 1:
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Single lever mixing faucet Mixing faucet with two knobs
Single lever mixing faucet
Single lever mixing faucet
Single lever mixing faucet
Mixing faucet with two knobs
Mixing faucet with two knobs
Mixing faucet with two knobs
(if your faucets are different, select the closest ones to what you have)

Step 2:
Select the product (which is one or more e-guides on how to add & use EasyMixDot™ tiny items in your house)
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Step 4:
    and Save ˆ50…200/month, pay ˆ10…25 once!

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