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  • How EasyMixDot™ will make you feel happier?
  • From what you will have optimal comfort with EasyMixDot™?
  • How you will be able to make our world better with EasyMixDot™?
  • How you will save money with EasyMixDot™?
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  • Water that puts a smile on your face every time you use it!

    How EasyMixDot™ will make you feel happier?

    After implementing EasyMixDot™ method at your home, you and your family will become happier for two reasons: firstly, you will feel doing a smarter thing every time you handle water, a simple shower will put a smile on your face every time you take it; and secondly, a good feeling will come from realizing that you and your family made an excellent deal and you all benefit from it every day of your life.

    From what you will have optimal comfort with EasyMixDot™?

    Every time when you use a faucet improved by EasyMixDot™ method in your bathroom, or shower, or kitchen, or utility room, you will feel additional comfort from being more precise and effective, from reaching your goal with less time and effort, from eliminating trials and errors and going directly to the desired result, from realizing you are saving money and at the same time you are improving our world as you act.

    How you will be able to make our world better with EasyMixDot™?

    Because of innovative way to handle water flows in your everyday life offered by EasyMixDot™, you will be able to save serious amounts of drinking water (think of 20-30 tons per person annually! Click here to read about a threat of global water crisis). On top of that, you will effortlessly achieve substantial savings in energy needed to make water warm, lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the load on your draining system.

    How you will save money with EasyMixDot™?

    Next to feeling happier and making our world better, a person using EasyMixDot™ approach, saves annually between 240 and 600 Euro (depending on your habits, on the local costs of energy and of drinking water, on the way of calculation, on assumptions, etc. Check your expected savings for instance here: showersavingcalculator.xls). On the other hand, to start saving, you will be asked to make a small one time investment in the order of 25 Euro per person.

    Please, think: we are offering you a deal in which you will invest (one time), say, 25 Euro and in a month of using EasyMixDot™ Personal Use Product, you will see on your bank account a saving between 20 and 50 Euro, and so on every month! With EasyMixDot™, you really have every reason to feel happier and more comfortable, also financially!
    Note that your savings may increase proportionally to the number of people living together with you and using EasyMixDot™ Family Use Product (for instance, for a family with 4 persons think of one time investing of about 50 Euro and saving annually 600 to 2400 Euro!).

    You will see the money appearing on your bank account as savings on your energy and water bills; free of tax, as we assume that you paid your taxes already! It is also true to say that the exact amount of your savings will be in your hands. Also note that your investment into EasyMixDot™ product will be returned in the first months.

    If you do not have your own bank account yet, consider this as a business opportunity. Make yourself responsible for implementing EasyMixDot™ in your house and convince your parents to help you financially with the initial investment. Start using EasyMixDot™ personal, this way you will be able, for instance, to generate additional pocket money for yourself. And, you can invest part of the generated money into EasyMixDot™ family use, convince your parents to join you and this way increase your income even further.

    How will you save time with EasyMixDot™?

    EasyMixDot™ products allow you to directly pre-set optimal parameters of the water outflow (both temperature and flow rate) without a need to wait for transients and eliminating iterations. All this is done in one move and in a matter of seconds, instead of waiting for minutes!

    Please, click here to proceed.

    Start water saving with EasyMixDot™ !!!

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    Shower:) with EasyMixDot™ Saving Water, Energy, Time and Money. Get €400 / year, pay €10 once (VAT, shipping included).

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