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  • Water that puts a smile on your face every time you use it!

    The following steps are ahead of you:

    • First, select a type of faucet/mixing tap that you have and want to improve with EasyMixDot™ method

    • Second, select a type of EasyMixDot™ product (personal, family, group use, etc.)

    Depending on your choices, you will be offered matching EasyMixDot™ product at matching price and will proceed to make a payment.

    • Third, accept our Terms and Conditions and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (as patents for EasyMixDot™ method are pending)

    • IMPORTANT During your payment, right after the moment you paid, please click on "Return to EASYMIXDOT" and wait to be redirected back to our website page, thank you! Otherwise, we will not be able to e-mail to you your product.

    • After your payment, the selected by you EasyMixDot™ product of your choice will be instantly e-mailed to your address.

    • You will install the EasyMixDot™ product at your house, will start using it and will enjoy the benefits as explained above.

    Please, click here to proceed.

    Start water saving with EasyMixDot™ !!!

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    Shower:) with EasyMixDot™ Saving Water, Energy, Time and Money. Get €400 / year, pay €10 once (VAT, shipping included).

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