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  • Water that puts a smile on your face every time you use it!

    Please, select the type of faucet (mixing tap) you have in your bath, your shower and your kitchen that you want to improve.

    Single lever mixing faucets

    Mixing taps with two knobs

    Are you already using any device that allows you to conveniently stop and restore the outflow of water while shampooing hair, shaving; soaping hands, brushing teeth, etc.?

    Note that an EasyMixDot™ product fits to any system, and has lower price and lower maintenance costs than any other alternative product.

    Start water saving with EasyMixDot™ !!!

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    Shower:) with EasyMixDot™ Saving Water, Energy, Time and Money. Get €400 / year, pay €10 once (VAT, shipping included).

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