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    Non-disclosure agreement

    Non-Disclosure Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller

    I , the Buyer, hereby acknowledge that information received by me from EasyMixDot, Ltd., the Seller, as a result of my payment is meant for my own use, this information is confidential and therefore:
    I agree not to disclose to anybody, directly or indirectly, the information that I received as a result of purchasing of EasyMixDot product.

    Furthermore, I will not copy, reproduce, distribute or disclose in any form the information received from the Seller outside of the agreements made by me with EasyMixDot (such as the EasyMixDot personal use, EasyMixDot family use, EasyMixDot group use or EasyMixDot commercial use).

    I acknowledge that the aforesaid restrictions are necessary, fundamental and reasonable to the business of the Seller.

    I agree that if for any reason I will violate this agreement, the Seller shall be entitled and has the right to obtain an injunction (and if necessary to prosecute me) in order to ensure compliance with this agreement and / or to cover damage caused by my unlawful actions.

    I enter into this agreement totally voluntarily, with full knowledge of its meaning, and without pressure.

    This Agreement is made electronically and for this reason instead of signing it with my own signature, I provide the requested information about myself in the registration form:

    And finally, I sign the Agreement by clicking on "I accept" button.

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